The art of smizing – smiling with eyes

The Art of Smizing - smiling with eyes, Image Source: Google

A good smile can get you very far in life. People often underestimate the power of a smile. There is a science behind smiling, stating that it is a sign of happiness, which sends unconscious  message to the the person standing in front of you and it says “I’m happy with my life”.

The power of a smile

A simple smile can disarm fears in tense situations. Imagine a smiling dentist. And now imagine a serious dentist. Which one would you chose? Yeah, right. Me too.

Same goes with job candidates. A smiling job candidate can have a huge advantage over someone, who keeps their cool by serious facial expression. A smile can be a firm foundation for trust between two people, who have just met each other.

Why some people get hired and others don’t

Smiles are contagious. If you smile on a job interview, it is very likely that the hiring manager will smile back. This will give them a warm feeling, and warm memory, when they think about the interviewees long after they have left the room. This can be what lands you a perfect job.

When the hiring manager thinks of a new employee to join the team, a smiling employee is what they can imagine. Someone who would bring positive energy and friendly feeling to the team and have positive effects on other co-workers.  Everyone would love a smiling new member of the team.

The art of smizing

Don’t overdo it though. Be genuine and authentic. Some people have mastered the art of “smiling with their eyes”, a.k.a. smizing, which has proven to be one of the most authentic smiles. When a person smiles with their eyes, it is considered honest, deep happiness, which automatically gives the feeling to the other person that they are the reason why you smile, making them feel good about themselves, thus making them want to spend more time with you, or make you part of their team.

A good smile, with healthy teeth will go a long way. Make sure you keep a healthy nutrition and form good oral hygiene habits, as well as regular visits to your dentist. This is the only way to ensure good looking, healthy teeth, which will boost your confidence during any meeting – even a job interview.


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