Zirconia crown VS. Porcelain-fused-metal crown

Zirconia crown VS. Porcelain-fused-metal crown, Image Source: Google

When dealing with a broken or destroyed tooth, the zirconia tooth crown is often the best solution. The need of a crown is evident for almost all patients with such problems. But most of them still sway between a zirconia crown and a porcelain-fused-metal crown.
The porcelain-fused-metal crowns (PFM crowns) were very popular in the late 20th century. Back then they were considered the better aesthetic solution in comparison to golden and silver crowns. These were the main materials for tooth replacement in the beginning of the last century.

Zirconia Crowns Advantages

With the advance of technology and human knowledge, there were new and better solutions in all aspects of our lives, also in dentistry. The zirconia dental crown gains popularity and is recognized as a very strong and beautiful option. The zirconia tooth crown is many times better than the porcelain-fused-metal crown – both aesthetically and in durability. Therefore, it becomes the most preferred material for crowning especially among younger people. This group is proven to make informed decisions in regards to their health and appearance.

PFM Crowns Disadvantages

The PFM dental crowns are strong, no doubt. But the zirconia crown are 15 times stronger than steel. Furthermore, compared to the zirconia crowns, the PFM crowns are always distinguishable as a fake construction. This is due to the metal line which appears visible at the gum line. In addition to that, placing a porcelain-fused-crown is much more destructive to the existing tooth. It needs more drilling on your natural tooth, making the procedure more invasive.

Moreover, the zirconia crown has minimal risk of allergies, making it even more attractive to clients.

In order to know if you are suitable for a dental crown treatment, please talk to your dentist and make informed decisions about your health and appearance.


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