Why are Energy and Sports Drinks bad for your teeth?

Energy and Sports Drinks are bad for your teeth, Image Source: Google

Energy drinks and sports drinks are bad for your health and your teeth. Their acidity levels are very high, which damages the tooth enamel and increases the risk of cavities and the formation of caries.

The pH balance and your teeth

The pH balance of the body is essential for our well being. Very often, it is a matter of health or illness. Many people who disregard the pH importance are dependent on pharmaceutical pill for every illness, bug or virus.

Many specialists claim that through pH we can balance our health. A neutral pH of 7 is what we should all aim for. Some foods and drinks are more acidic, whereas others are more alkaline. By controlling what goes into our body, we can be in control of our overall health.

Sports drinks, as well as energy drinks are very acidic. An energy drink, such as Red Bull has pH level of around 3, making it harmful for our body balance. A Diet Soda has a pH level of 3.57, which is also a highly acidic drink. Many people think that by drinking diet sodas can lose weight. Acidity in the body is not how you lose weight. Most of us are very acidic, and we need to intake more alkaline foods and drinks, in order to return our natural pH balance. A healthy body will cause many positive effects – good skin, less allergies, better teeth, stronger nails and hair, more energy, better stress management.

Once destroyed, can the tooth enamel be fixed?

Highly acidic foods and drinks, such as Energy Drinks and Sodas can also be harmful to your teeth. They contribute to the enamel erosion, which is a non reversible process. Damaged tooth enamel will make your teeth look more yellow, and are more likely to result in more stains in the future. Your teeth will then become more sensitive to hot and cold, sweet and spicy foods and drinks.

As strong as you may think your teeth are, they are not indestructible. Once the tooth enamel is damaged, you need to immediately see your dentist. They will suggest ways to support your enamel and can also give you advice on forming more healthy habits, which will avoid further enamel destruction in the future.

How to protect your teeth

In order to save your teeth you can drink low acid drinks, such as water, tea, black coffee, milk and fresh fruit juices.

If you happen to intake some more acidic drinks and foods from time to time, make sure you floss and brush your teeth, but not sooner than 30 minutes after consuming the harmful goods, because your teeth are most sensitive at these first few minutes. In order to reduce the acidity levels in your saliva and save your teeth’s health it is best if you form healthy habits.

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